Custom packaging to entice the consumer

"Personalize to create impact. Let DECA take care of it."

A quality brand deserves outstanding packaging. That is what custom packaging can do, make product stand out on the shelf, entice and sell. That is DECA’s motto, “personalize to impact”. Attention grabbing packaging that sells the brand.

The possibilities are endless. Combine any shape or design, with any color and print.
DECA acts as guide for the process, from drawing to prototype, to final production ready packaging. The perfect packaging is real.

Personalize packaging - where to start

Clear specifications, expectations and needs definition, are the starting point for any successful custom packaging project. Gloss or matt finish, metallic look, utilizing both the inside and the outside of the container for messaging, color, ... All are possibilities.

Select and stand out!


Choose from DECA’s wide and deep range of stock items or have DECA develop a unique shape.


Select the resin color that makes the brand stand out. DECA can match any color to order.


Reach the next level and include an In-Mold-Label (IML) to achieve photographic quality printing. IML-labels are manufactured from polypropylene, the same material as the container, facilitating recycling processes. An ethyl vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer in the IML film reduces oxygen permeability, whilst an additional light barrier can protect contents again UV light.

Download DECA IML guidelines here

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