DECA breathes sustainability

“The planet, the environment, our children ... just as important to us as they are you.”


Is plastic packaging compatible with sustainability? A frequent question, that DECA answers with an emphatic ‘YES’!

No empty words, but action. DECA assumes its responsibility in the circular economy by reducing its own impact on the environment to a minimum.

DECA understands that both sustainability and affordability are important for business. Clearly, it is in everyone’s interest to reduce the ecological footprint, an achievable goal with DECA as a partner. All of DECA polypropylene packaging is 100% recyclable. Also, DECA is constantly researching new material options that meet the quality requirements for food packaging. Innovation works!


Manufacturing sustainable products

Eco-friendly entrepreneurship and manufacturing, this is how DECA does it ...


DECA is committed to sustainability. Its packaging design strives to minimize both individual packaging weight, and overall raw material usage. Also, DECA endeavors to minimize energy consumption during the manufacturing process


DECA packaging is not designed to be disposable single use plastic. Because of its ingenious and innovative design DECA packaging is perfect for reuse. Many times over.


DECA cooperates closely with waste processing companies to ensure that its packaging can be recycled whenever possible. The recycling options are discussed, and this know-how is incorporated into the design and manufacturing process for all DECA packaging.

The Result: DECA’s mono-material plastic packaging is easy to recycle. On request additives facilitating black plastic recognition can be added, this improves the performance of recycling machines greatly. This has already been successfully implemented for the UK market.

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