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Strong brands strive to combine food safety, consistent quality and an attractive packaging, into one. It can seem daunting, but DECA translates all these needs into unique sustainable plastic packaging.  Making any brand stand out on the shelf.

With more than 40 years of experience, DECA holds a unique position in the packaging industry. As worldwide rigid plastic packaging experts, injection molding and thermoforming technology know-how, in combination with expertise in packaging machines, enables DECA to build the optimal solutions. From packaging design to logistics, DECA is the ideal partner for all rigid plastic packaging needs.


Packaging experts

To DECA packaging food holds no more secrets. Manufacturing processes comply with HACCP and other relevant food safety regulations, and meet or even exceed FDA/IMS, BRC/IOP, ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality standards.

DECA cares about the environment, and ecologically responsible packaging is a top priority. All polypropylene packaging is 100% recyclable. DECA’s ‘in-house managed’ mold building, guarantees innovation: new shapes, new compositions and reduction of raw material usage.

Experts, because selling packaging equipment in Europe, provides DECA with the insight to build customer perfect solutions. 

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